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Baitsanity Australia
baitsanity Australia

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Every lure we create is a testament to our dedication to quality and performance. Experience the precision engineering, superior materials, and unwavering craftsmanship that make Baitsanity swimbaits and glide baits the choice of discerning anglers.

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baitconnect system

baitsanity's patent-pending baitconnect system empowers you to effortlessly transform your glide bait's profile, action, and colour with a simple tail swap. This innovative system lets you experiment with different tail styles to match the mood of the fish and trigger the bite, all without damaging your lure.

Torment Tail
baitsanity GEN 2 ST 2.0
Atom Tail


Dean Silvester
My collaborative efforts with baitsanity have been nothing short of outstanding, to get a lure that works this well for Murray cod in almost all scenarios is a credit to the team at baitsanity!
Dean Silvester - AVID ANGLER
Baitsanity Australia