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baitsanity’s patent-pending baitconnect system empowers you to effortlessly transform your glide bait’s profile, action, and colour with a simple tail swap. This innovative system lets you experiment with different tail styles to match the mood of the fish and trigger the bite, all without damaging your lure.

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Explorer Gill Tails

Hatch Match PT 3.0

Change the action of your Baitsanity Explorer Gill Glide Bait and show the fish something they have never seen before with the Baitsanity HatchMatch Paddle Tail 3.0

Hatch Match Atom 3.0

The HatchMatch Atom Tail 3.0 adds a unique twist to your favorite swimbait that the predators in your water have surely never seen before.


Hatch Match Torment 3.0

A wild enhancement for the Baitsanity Explorer Gill, the HatchMatch Torment Tail adds a unique twist to your favourite swimbait. This tail is designed to be fished super slow but responds amazingly to a fast burn and pause as well.


Explorer Gen 2 Tails

HatchMatch PT 2.0

The Baitsanity Explorer Gen 2 Hatch Match Paddle Tail produces a hard-kicking action while allowing your Explorer Gen 2 Glide Bait to maintain its natural S-shaped gliding action.

HatchMatch Swaggy 2.0

Calling all Murray cod enthusiasts! Upgrade your Explorer Gen2 Glide Bait with the Swaggy Hatch Match Paddle Tail. Engineered for maximum action and durability, this boot-tail style design creates a captivating swimming motion that Murray cod can’t resist.


HatchMatch ST 2.0

HatchMatch Shadow Tail 2.0 lets you perfectly match the baitfish your target species crave. With a forked tail cut from flexible PVC material, this replacement tail realistically mimics trout, carp, bony bream, and other common prey.


HatchMatch GX 2.O

Amplify your Baitsanity Explorer Gen 2 Glide Bait’s allure with the Hatch Match GX 2.0 Tail, specifically engineered to trigger aggressive strikes from Murray cod and other prized species. This multi-segmented tail design produces an enticing, wide gliding action that keeps your lure in the strike zone longer, enticing even the most hesitant predators.