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Explorer Gill

Baitsanity Australia

Unleash your angling potential with Baitsanity’s diverse range of swimbaits, meticulously crafted for Murray cod and other prized Australian species.

  • Antidote Glide:
    The perfect entry-level glide bait, excelling in skinny water scenarios for both Murray cod and flathead.
  • Antidote TUG:
    Redefine topwater fishing with our innovative TUG glide bait, featuring the groundbreaking Glide Leap System for unparalleled action.
  • Explorer Gill:
    A versatile swimbait glide bait that consistently catches fish of all sizes, making it a staple in any angler’s tackle box.
  • Explorer Gen 2:
    Our largest and most advanced swimbait, glide bait is designed to tempt trophy-sized Murray cod and deliver the catch of a lifetime.

All Explorer series baits feature the unique BaitConnect System, allowing you to interchange tails and create endless lure combinations effortlessly.